Dee’s first post

I am in line for my first vaccination; I am feeling so horny right now. I just want a bit of variety I’ve been with one man all lockdown! It would be nice to be with someone who doesn’t think ‘a little less conversation’ is modern music, someone of my own age.

Prior to COVID, we used to swing, but all this emphasis on avoiding diseases means that the sex parties have closed down, and we’re not talking about other diseases, just COVID; it’s a lot harder not to breath on someone than it is to use a rubber (which is incidentally something I always do!).

We’ve both been staying in touch on zoom with our other love interests, but it’s not the same. I tried at first to get him to let them stay here, in such a lovely big house, but he was worried about COVID. So, we’ve started to explore each other, it’s beginning to feel like some ancient and well-trampled streets; I want to do a bit more investigating off the beaten track again.

For the first time, he’s had to pop those little blue pills, which means there is a bit more planning involved and more to add to our internet shopping list. We’ve also had to throw a few more toys into the mix, what’s worse, I don’t even care. At least here I get my hot tub and a big garden for my afternoon stroll. However, I am unsure about his choice of garden props (naked garden gnomes-one of which had his face, I broke that one after the second lockdown started whoops). I also like the library, which he keeps in his bedroom, quite apart from the main library. But like most of you, I’ve been doing more reading during lockdown, but exclusively from the books in this partner’s bedroom (only erotica).

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