My hot tub adventures with a woman

I practice consensual non-monogamy; for those of you in the not know, there are three types of consensual non-monogamy: swinging, polyamory, and open relationships. I mainly do polyamory with a bit of swinging on the side.

The house where I am now used to host sex parties (what now feels like many moons ago) but was only about a year ago before COVID hit. When I pass the hot tubs (where many a hot encounter happened). I am reminded of the last party before lockdown, I shared the tub with another woman, I get wet just thinking about it.

I was sitting alone in the hot tub, I had stopped my hosting duties; news of a new virus discovered in China had deterred a number of people from coming to the party this evening, allowing me to retire early. Suddenly I felt a presence near me, and there was hot breath near my ear. ‘I’d like to join you; I hope you don’t mind; you just look so relaxed I feel like I’d be disturbing you.’ I looked up; standing there was a woman entirely naked, her breasts were pert, and her nipples stood to attention. She was petite with curves in all the right places. ‘Disturb away,’ I replied.

She got in the hot tub and sat across from me. ‘You must have fun with your partner in here,’ she remarked. I nodded; I felt my face flush slightly. ‘Do you want to have some fun now’ she said while running her foot up and down my leg. My mouth felt dry, and my legs shook; I felt tongue-tied; all I could do was nod. She placed herself next to me and then drew her tongue from the base of my ear to the tip; I moaned. She cupped my face in her hands and turned it towards her, her blond hair clinging slightly to her face. She brought my face closer to hers and kissed me, then she held my face closer, and her tongue made its way into my mouth, still kissing me, she moved one hand down to my thighs and started stroking; she reached down and stroked my clit, I returned the favour. I moaned as she stroked; after a while, she moved fingers inside of me and massaged inside and out. My body quivered, and I moaned. I moved her hand, ‘I need to concentrate on you now,’ I said. 

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