Policewomen and her truncheon

It was the first time my primary partner and I had decided to try dress up. We felt that we needed to spice things up. He wanted to be surprised and for me not to tell him, so one day, I dressed in a tight zip-fronted dress and police women’s hat complete with suspenders and heels, and of course handcuffs and truncheon.

When he opened the door, I was waiting there; ‘you’ve been naughty and must be dealt with,’ I said as he entered. ‘Don’t be too harsh,’ he replied. Now I should add that as well as trying dress up this was also our first time trying BDSM; we had safe words and used a traffic light system as recommended here:


He quickened his pace and said, ‘I am resisting arrest.’ At this, I turned and hit him with the truncheon across his behind; he let out a yelp. I led him into the bedroom, laid him face down on the bed, pulling his trousers down, exposing his bottom. I whacked my truncheon down; he yelped, his backside was turning redder and redder. After a while, I turned him around, kissed him, straddled him, and placed a cock ring around his slightly erect cock. He started to undo my suspenders and unzip my dress underneath. I had red lingerie; he made to take it off, and then I said, ‘your punishment isn’t finished with that, I positioned him with his back to the bed frame and handcuffed him to it. I took off my lingerie and straddled him, kissed him after a while, put a few fingers in my pussy, and was the other hand, caressed took turns in caressing my breasts. ‘Do you want me to touch your cock’ I asked him. ‘Yes, he moaned. I sighed. ‘You have been a bad boy..though..um.’ I got out my vibrator and shoved stood above him, leaning on the bed frame, I moved the vibrator up and down inside my wet pussy, then when I was just about to cum, I sunk to the bed, shaking and groaning I reached my climax. Afterward, I moved towards him and rubbed my wet pussy in his face, letting him lick me. I then moved downwards, lightly massaging his torso and kissing him, while I came to his erect cock, which I took in my mouth and moving up and down until his salty juices escaped into my mouth, and then I swallowed.

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