A little prick

I recently had my first vaccination, which is the first step towards freedom. For anyone who is interested, I had the Pfizer vaccine. It’s straightforward; you just queue up and show your documentation and your invitation to vaccination your ‘vaccination ticket’. This is my passport towards re-starting co-hosting the swinging parties (two meters distance isn’t very good for these types of events!).
I’ve got there early as I want to get to it over and done with. I am I have to confess a little nervous, which is unusual for me, it’s all those reports in the news. I get into the cubicle, and there is a cute male nurse in there, with no wedding ring. I catch a whiff of his aftershave, and it reminds me of one of my partners, and it makes me go weak at the knees. He has starling blue eyes and is in very good shape. I look him up and down when he turns round to get my vaccine. I think about him undressing and imagine how big his cock is.
He turns to me and says, ‘you look a little flushed, and you’re breathing slightly heavily. Are you ok?’
‘I am fine, it’s just very hot today, and I am just a little nervous,’ I replied and made a note to engage him in conversation rather than let my imagination run wild.
After the little prick, which was so little that I didn’t feel it at all, he gives me a rundown of the possible side effects. One of which is temperature. As I’ve been twirling my hair, and he seems to be receptive, ‘I say the temperature is rising with you in here.’
He laughs and says, ‘thankfully, I am on break soon, I am having tea in the café outside; you need to stay in the waiting area for 15 mins then you can come and join me.’
After the 15 mins wait time, I spy him in the café outside; the lower half of his face is less inviting, he’s not spotted me, so I make a quick exit.
A few days later, I’ve had a few side effects; a slight headache, pins, and needles, tingling on the tongue, and an achy arm, so it’s not been too bad. Looking forward to the next vaccine, two weeks after the second vaccine, I have maximal protection, and then go, go go!

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