My memories of parties past

Walking through the house, I think about the sex parties pre COVID. There’s the dungeon with the sex swing. I remember seeing two muscular men playing in here. One excessively tanned man had his arms restraints above his head by the straps over his eyes; a blindfold had been placed, and his legs were spread apart by restraints on his ankles. The other man stood over him and was thrusting a butt plug in and out of his butt hole while running a tongue over the man’s massive cock; he teased the head of the cock with his tongue and then put it in his mouth and sucked hard. The cock of the man standing up started to harden; he would occasionally stop and rub his hard dick up and down the length of his partner’s anus. He said, ‘I know you can’t see me, but I am hard for you, I’d really like spank you,’ ‘ ohh spank away’ came the reply, with that invitation the man moved towards the paddles, and I swiftly exited before I was potentially spotted.

I pass the upstairs room, where I saw two women and a man. I can remember the scene as if it were yesterday. A brunette woman is lying down; her legs are wide open while a blonde woman explores her pussy with her tongue. Behind the blonde woman is a man and his dick in her vagina. He holds two firm hands on her butt cheeks with one the fingers of one he simultaneously explores her butt hole; the thrusts of his dick seemed to be keeping time with his fingers. The brunette moans loudly, and the blonde woman stops briefly to say, ‘Faster, oh that so nice, it feels amazing’ before going back to the moaning brunette. I leave from the doorway feeling slightly guilty for entering into their private moment.

In the ground floor room, two women were grinding their pussies together; the one on the bottom was curvy, her hefty breasts were being massaged by the woman on top of her; in contrast, she was petite but still had a nice pair. Suddenly the woman on top turned around. ‘Oh, it’s Dee, please join us,’ she said. I came in, and the woman on top drew me onto the bed and kissed me passionately while her companion started to undress me.

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