On voyeurism

I personally blame my ex-flatmate for the fact that I’ve become a voyeur. When we were flat sharing, she used to bring back guys to her room and do anything they wanted. I once came home to see her with two guys in her bedroom; she was sucking off one guy while on her hands and knees being taken from behind by the other one.

This woman also used to have a boyfriend on the go at the same time. Several times the guys found out about her exploits, I would listen by the door fascinated by how she’d try to talk her way out of it, they take her back for a bit, and then she’d be dumped, and she’d sit crying for a few days in front of the TV and then she’d find someone else.

Whether she bought her boyfriends or her one night stands back, she’d have the door open; I felt it was almost like she wanted me to see. I’d stand by the door watch, often taking care of myself while she took care of them.

So maybe it’s not totally surprising that I spy on my guests at the parties. I am never 100% sure if my guests just haven’t forgotten to shut the door. However, we warn them about voyeurs, so I often say to myself if they didn’t want us to see, they’d close the door.

As to my flatmate, she’s settled down and has kids; however, she and her partner are in an open relationship. She has stopped the drugs as she wants to be more in control when she is with her partners, I think this is because she had the clap, and its not something she really wants to repeat. So I guess I have two things to thank my flatmate for introducing me to voyeurism and the idea that one can open up a relationship.

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