Dreams of orgies

Unfortunately, until the parties get back into full swing (😊) there’s not much to report. I can tell you about reminiscences; however, in COVID times, my open relationship hasn’t been open. I’ve had sexier dreams; I think this is because I am getting less action.

One of the reoccurring dreams is about me being involved in group sex. I am not really into group sex; I like sex, but I want to be more focused, e.g., two people max in one evening.

Normally the dream ends with just having sex with one guy; however, this time, it went a bit further 😉. The group sex dream always starts in the same way, I am alone in a woodland area, and several men are waiting patiently in a line to have sex with me. All of the men are strangers, and I am thrilled that I will get to try a new way of experiencing things sexually with each of them. They’re also all really in shape with the most magnificent equipment; if you get my drift, the first man comes up while the others wait their turn.

With the first man, he straddles me and puts his hand inside of me. I am so wet because of the sight of all these naked toned bodies that he slips his big erect cock inside of me and then rides me. The men who’ve come to fuck me look on, and the thrill of having a massive audience makes it all the more exciting for me. I don’t cum because I never cum when I am not on top; however, I still enjoy it immensely.

Next, a guy has me on top of him, I move up and down, and we move perfectly in time together. The thought of all these well-toned and readily awaiting men is too much for me, and I cum really soon after he enters me. He removes his erect cock, which is dripping with my juices, makes me go doggy style so that he can touch my clit while thrusting his cock into me. Whenever I shake so much with pleasure that I feel my arms won’t hold me up, he holds them, and I moan loudly with pleasure. 

I awake moaning and find that I am humping my partner’s leg and that there are wet patches on the bed. He wakes up, and because he’s that little bit older and doesn’t get hard quite as quickly, he agrees to lick me out. After he’s finished, I sleep very soundly until morning.

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