The parties had started back

The parties had started back. It was late in the evening, and most people were either drunkenly laid over the sofa or swimming or in the rooms. I decided to sneak away. I’ve never been asked for anything at this point in the evening. I moved towards one of the bedroom doors, and I saw two women and a man. One woman was on top of the other, and they were using a double-sided dildo. The man was standing, playing with himself,  and watching the woman moving up and down. The women moaned simultaneously.

He asked if he wouldn’t mind if he joined in, they replied the more, the merrier at this he came and had his cock sucked by the woman lying down then the woman on top. He moaned and then decided to move around the back; he grabbed the woman on top from behind and thrust his cock up her anus, grabbing at her breast and massaging them at this; the woman on top moaned loudly.

I moved away to look into another room; there was a man and a woman. The man passionately kissed the woman, and through her dress, he massaged her breasts. He then quickly unhooked her dress and played with her breasts in each hand while kissing her. The lady held his head in one hand and, with the other hand, gently played with his testicles and his stiffening cock. The man’s hands moved to her legs, stroked them, and then massaged her clit; the woman flopped down on the bed and opened her legs wide to receive him. He put on one of the condoms provided and entered her, thrusting while grabbing her head in his hands and kissing her.

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