On porn writing

Over COVID, I spent my time at my partner’s home reading his collection of porn. He has a large selection of old-bound books of Victorian porn. I was surprised by Victorian porn as it features incest, rape, and BDSM. I always thought of the Victorians as a very sexually repressed bunch of individuals.  

Reading through the collection inspired me; could I write something which people wanted to read? I wasn’t going to entirely go down the Victorian path and write about incest or rape, as I wouldn’t entertain writing about something where consent was either dubious or non-existent. However, I did use it as inspiration for writing about aspects of BDSM. 

The main character in the story is sexually assaulted. For the penultimate draft, I wrote up the first scene detailing the sexual assault; however, I decided to remove it and mention it because I feel there is a trend in literature to derive titillation from experiences such as sexual assault/rape. However, I included a sexual assault in the book because its essential to the transformation of the main character, and it shows some of the hazards that sex workers face. Mentioning the assault happening is necessary; however, describing the event can retraumatize individuals who’ve experienced sexual assault, and it’s a pretty sensitive thing to write about, and I wasn’t sure I could lend the sensitivity needed. 

This book which I’ve recently published, is the first in a trilogy. I plan to release part two around Spring next year as it needs a fair amount of research.  

I have included a blurb for the story below:

When Ming E has a bad sexual encounter with a client, she decides to walk away from the only job she has ever known. Faced with an impossible situation of what to do with her special talents as a sex worker, she then embarks on an adventure that sees her try out various aspects of the sex industry. Ming crosses paths with a Christian couple looking to consummate their marriage, a woman who satisfies fetishes, a Dom, and an ethical porn director – and this has her rethinking what her true intentions are. 

Which path will she choose and will she eventually find something that leaves her feeling more fulfilled?

If this blurb has piqued your interest, then you can find the book using the following link:

UK buyers:

US buyers:

I normally aim to blog every few weeks it didn’t happen last month because I was best working on the finishing touches to my book. From now I will post every few weeks.

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