Its not a hard one (unfortunately)

It was evening, and we were going out; the skies opened, and we were a bit of a walk away from the nearest train station, and the bus didn’t go where we wanted it to go. My primary partner suggested getting a taxi. I looked one up and came into the room and said, ‘what about Fleetwood cabs?’

‘Who sleeps with cats?’ was his reply.

My partner’s hearing isn’t the only thing that isn’t working too well nowadays; he has problems with his woody, if you catch my drift. We use toys from the site below which help with this:

Hot Octopuss is an interesting sex toy company that I discovered during lockdown when I was looking to spice up my sex life with the old man. It’s a very inclusive company; it’s LGBT+ friendly and makes anal sex something to explore for hetero and queer men alike. It also has a focus on sex for older people as sex isn’t just for us youngest.

Since we’ve started exploring sex toys its help us enjoy our sexy time more; the last toy that we tried was a special type of cock ring called the atom. This beauty vibrates during sex and enhanced the experience of my partner and me. We will be coming back for more from Hot Octopuss.

In my next blog, I will talk about my latest partners; I’ve acquired a few more secondary partners now that lockdown is over. I will also talk more about my exploration with sex toys.

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