Thoughts on my minge

Minge has been in and out of fashion for years; removing it, all became a thing in the 1980s. Doing a quick google search, there are mentions of the entire bush; there are mentions of the lady garden being in fashion around 2013, 2015, 2019, and more recently. I wonder if the current pandemic with less access to salons has impacted the number of people bothering to trim or eradicate their lady garden.

I would be happy if there were a trend towards keeping one’s minge. Apart from being accidentally in fashion as I choose to keep it, I once tried to wax around the edges and found that uncomfortable enough without trying to remove hair from those more sensitive areas. If anyone is curious about what levels of Bikini wax there are, you can take a look at the following:

I am not sure how anyone can go full Brazilian removal of hair from the labia (just ouch!).

I have now opted to trim the garden rather than going for any hard-core removal. Keeping my minge is about being more comfortable and potentially safer (there is a debate about whether it decreases your likelihood of contracting STIs to have your minge there). Also, I feel it looks a bit child-like without the hair personally; hair is natural, hair down there is something a grown woman should have.

I was dating a guy when we got intimate; he asked me to remove my minge. I removed him as a potential long-term partner. I’d rather keep my minge; it’s a symbol of my femininity and womanhood it’s also damn painful to remove.

Any thoughts minge or no minge? Interested in hearing from both men and women here. Also to men/women do you remove your pubes?

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