I am posting late as I thought I’d post about my outings now that things have opened up a bit more. So last month I was invited along by one of my partners to a thing called pup out. I came a fair way into the event, I decided to have a look around and see what it was about, there were a few areas with large mattresses on which lay people in leather dog hoods snoozing. I asked someone what there was at these events and was told to check out the ball pit. When I arrived there however two people had curled up and were sleeping. I decided to search for the guy who’d invited me on the way to see him I noticed what looked like a dog crate with two dogs curled up together. I started to wonder whether this was the best idea, I’d wanted to learn about what my partner was interested in but I felt I was kind of intruding on people’s space and felt like a bit of a fraud, it wasn’t that people weren’t friendly they were it was more that it just didn’t feel very me.

I spotted my partner across the room he had a ‘call me daddy’ hat on. He was one of my other sugar daddies. He was flanked by two younger specimens one a young woman and the other a young man, they both had leather dog hoods on. They had t-shirts on with pup pride and barkaholic. He waved at me and I joined them. I smiled awkwardly. ‘Treats’ said my partner and offered chocolates to us all. ‘Isn’t chocolate poisonous to dogs, which means you should give it all to me’ I said laughing. They all stared at me. I realized this wasn’t a good start.

‘How long have you known the dinosaur?’ asked the woman.


They pointed to the guy who invited me. He smiled.

‘He’s old so he’s a dinosaur, get it?’

‘Oh right…erm I’ve known him for about a month, this whole thing sounded kind of interesting I just thought I’d check it out.’ I said pointing vaguely around.

I sat across from them and they sat talking about role play and pup play while occasionally breaking into little moans and jumping towards doggie toys which he held out for them. I just sat and listened wondering whether to interrupt.  

My partner beckoned me towards him ‘Look Dee there’s more where this came from, there’s a chocolate shop nearby go and grab yourself something’ with this he handed me £20 and gave me directions.

‘Enjoy’ said the woman.

‘Yes, it looks like great stuff’ said the young guy.

Hint taken, I left. The only trouble with dating multiple people is that sometimes you have to make a judgement call about what is worth doing so you spend your time wisely; I got an insight into pup play it wasn’t for me I ended up going back home and relaxing with my primary partner and a bottle of wine and a good book of poetry.

I plan to post one more outing story by the end of the year and take a break for the holidays 😊

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