Other poss title my 3rd prick

I am a bit late writing this blog today as I went for my booster jab recently and have been recovering.

A day or so after my booster jab my friend wanted me to accompany her for her’s. I peaked in the room and she was being attended to by two lush looking young men. She was chatting away to them, and then asked them both out. She looked around in her handbag and out came her lipstick. She shrugged her shoulders and proceeded to write her name and number down on a piece of paper. She then took out a stamp which she stamped below the scrawl it was a pair of lips.

I leaned in, ‘I am with her’ I said pointing to my friend. ‘Do you fancy a double date?’

The guys ignored me.

As we left, I was feeling a bit miffed. ‘Do you think I am losing my touch?’

‘Dee you were swaying’ she said.

Damn those vaccine side effects.

I am glad I got vaccinated despite the side effects. Don’t believe the stuff you hear floating around social media especially the stuff about people being impacted by standing next to someone who’ s been vaccinated. You’re more likely to suffer standing next to someone who’s not been vaccinated.

As for your fertility being impacted by the vaccine or standing in proximity to someone who’s been vaccinated, its bullshit. On the contrary not being vaccinated may impact your ability to conceive as you can’t conceive when your dead.

From now on I’ll be writing once a month. Wishing you a happy new in advance and great 2022 (it couldn’t get much worse-hopefully not tempting fate).

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