Online dating

One of the advantages of ethical non-monogamy is meeting other people. One of the disadvantages of ethical non-monogamy is also meeting other people. Let me explain pre COVID times there were the sex parties. During COVID and even now when the numbers are still not ideal online dating is a bit safer in terms of meeting people. When there were bubbles in between the lock downs I was pretty much stuck with my primary partner.

So back to online dating, if you’ve not tried online dating and meet your other half organically then you are lucky.

First issue with online dating: figuring out what the hell to write. I started my first foray into online dating in COVID times. I used awful puns and started on plenty of fish. My profile read something like this:

Don’t be koi, drop me a line and hook me with your sparkling conversation. Make sure you capture my sole with your wit, also make sure not to pepper your messages with red herrings.

Don’t carp on about your exes and don’t try to fish for compliments.

Hope to find a great catch and not anyone too fishy.

So I published this and within a day I had a stream of messages. A lot of them dodgy, some of them less so, with guys promising that they’d not catfished me.

In the end I decided I didn’t want to flounder in a sea of horrendous messages and wrote a password on my profile which people had to enter to get me to answer. The password or pass phrase was: catch of the day?

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