Not always sexually satisfied

I haven’t blogged for a while as I’ve been promoting my first book. For those of you who don’t already know about it, its here:

Secondly I’ve been writing my second book. I’ve also been trying my best to avoid my other half who recently had COVID. Even though we don’t have to isolate now he feels (and I agree) that its best not to go anywhere if you could potentially spread it. I’ve been knocking on his door leaving food outside and using the spare room to sleep in. If he wants to go outside he’s been putting his mask on and heading through the garden. Sometimes I go out to meet people, if I do that I leave the food in the kitchen and he either takes it back to his room or eats in the garden. The most recent man who I meet up with turn out not to be the best experience, when I opened the door and saw him I immediately wanted to jump him he was cute. He cooked me dinner, then he played and we sang songs, however he then asked me if I wanted to listen to his poetry it was there that it all went downhill. His poems were about how he’d love a wealthy women to support him and about his lack of luck with women. I have to add while he’d been reading we’d been drinking wine (me and lot more than him). After he finished I was in two minds about whether I really wanted to do the deed with him.

He put down his guitar reached over and drew me close and kissed me. I drew slightly away, he seemed a bit upset, ‘ aren’t you into me’ he asked. I nodded enthusiastically and to prove me point I started to remove mine and his clothes.

We made it on to the bed. He guided my hand to his penis and I enclosed my hand up and down while he very inexpertly stroked my breasts.

Then he got on top of me and put the condom over his cock. ‘Do you want to lick me out first’ I asked.

‘No not really’ he said screwing up his face. I sighed and laid down on the bed and opened my legs. Normally I’d not be quite so wet after a short make out session but as I’d been afraid to leave my other half for a week, I’d had a week of inaction and was feeling quite horny. His cock slithered into me, he kissed me on the lips, he moved on top of me a few times and then I felt the pulsing in his cock and he collapsed on top, hugging me tightly.

When he got off of me he excused himself and went to the toilet, I quickly got dressed and slipped out of his place before he came back. There’s no excuse for his level of effort, I would have visited again, but quite frankly he can get himself off if he’s not willing to put in the effort, no wonder he has such bad luck with women.

When I return home I am totally unsatisfied. I decide to use my newish toy which is a sex toy mount with two holes. I mount my magic wand in one and the dildo in the other. I let the wand vibrate against my clit and when I am wet enough, I let the dildo enter me and ride my toy until I am satisfied.

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