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Online dating

One of the advantages of ethical non-monogamy is meeting other people. One of the disadvantages of ethical non-monogamy is also meeting other people. Let me explain pre COVID times there were the sex parties. During COVID and even now when the numbers are still not ideal online dating is a bit safer in terms ofContinue reading “Online dating”

My first book

Dear readers, I’ve written the first book in a trilogy. It follows the experiences of a sex worker who, after experiencing sexual assault at the hands of one of her clients, leaves her places of employment to search for an area of the sex industry that she feels is a better fit for her. I’veContinue reading “My first book”


Other poss title my 3rd prick I am a bit late writing this blog today as I went for my booster jab recently and have been recovering. A day or so after my booster jab my friend wanted me to accompany her for her’s. I peaked in the room and she was being attended toContinue reading “Booster”


I am posting late as I thought I’d post about my outings now that things have opened up a bit more. So last month I was invited along by one of my partners to a thing called pup out. I came a fair way into the event, I decided to have a look around andContinue reading “Outings”

Thoughts on my minge

Minge has been in and out of fashion for years; removing it, all became a thing in the 1980s. Doing a quick google search, there are mentions of the entire bush; there are mentions of the lady garden being in fashion around 2013, 2015, 2019, and more recently. I wonder if the current pandemic withContinue reading “Thoughts on my minge”

On porn writing

Over COVID, I spent my time at my partner’s home reading his collection of porn. He has a large selection of old-bound books of Victorian porn. I was surprised by Victorian porn as it features incest, rape, and BDSM. I always thought of the Victorians as a very sexually repressed bunch of individuals.   Reading throughContinue reading “On porn writing”

Without prejudice

I am more of a voyeur than a participant at sex parties; this is mainly due to my preference for getting to know people I sleep with. I can see the appeal of swinging, but I am more into the open relationship side of things. I like the increased intimacy that comes with regular secondaryContinue reading “Without prejudice”


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